Innovation applied to the strategic planning process

As part of their Situational Strategic Planning process, the Planning Group of CDHU (Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional Urbano do Estado de São Paulo / Housing and Urban Development Agency of the State of São Paulo) invited IntoActions to guide them in how design thinking could be used to support long-range planning and innovation strategy.

There is a fundamental difference between the strategic planning process within the context of a self-regulating market economy, and the planning process in the public sphere, where the government can – and should – use strategic planning as a tool to correct market failures.

With that in mind, IntoActions shared with the Planning Group the following three parts with regard to integrating innovation into the strategic planning process:

  1. Putting all the different innovation methodologies on the table and highlight their strategic potential;
  2. Exploring design thinking in particular as a unique way to approach innovation on a strategic level;
  3. Proposing a plan of action for implementing design thinking as a way to build an organization that supports the ongoing development of radical ideas in the long-term

Design Thinking is already being used by the governments of Denmark, Singapore, South Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s encouraging to know that governments are eager to improve their services to better meet the needs of their citizens.