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IntoActions partners with organizations in the business, government, education and the social sector. Our services provide a comprehensive human-centered approach to create innovative solutions and build a lasting innovation culture.


Design Thinking

We offer short-term introductory as well as multi-month in-depth Innovation Labs during which we apply Design Thinking to create innovative solutions and build innovation capacity.

What are Innovation Labs, and how are they different from traditional training courses, workshops, boot camps or consulting services?

Our Innovation Labs are unique custom-designed, human-centric, hands-on and project-based learning experiences that bring together best practices in training and consulting and combine them into a completely new and integrated approach.

Participants strengthen their creative confidence and competence, thus laying the foundation for a culture of innovators. They also build, at the same time, concrete solutions that can be implemented immediately to generate and improve value and deliver and increase impact.

During our multi-month in-depth Innovation Labs, IntoActions facilitators guide teams through regular face-to-face or online coaching sessions in applying the innovation and design thinking mindsets and techniques they learned directly to their project .

Our Innovation Labs have the following key characteristics:

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You will tackle real-world challenges relevant to your organization. This will guarantee high motivation and engagement as well as accelerated learning.

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Co-Creation! The most innovative solutions are being created when you and your team work with all your stakeholders, not just for them. 

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Our approach guides you in understanding the problem well, frequently forces you to re-define it, helps you transform ideas into actions quickly. 

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Good communication and effective teamwork are key to the implementation of new ideas. We help you mobilize, motivate and energize your teams.

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Execution! Innovation is more than just coming up with new ideas. We guide you in transforming your ideas and actions into concrete results.

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Key takeaways will include mindsets, tools and techniques that will empower you to be more innovative and inspire others to join you.

IntoActions can also offer its Innovation Labs for your organization directly in the heart of Silicon Valley, through our San Francisco Innovation Studio.

Please contact us to learn more.

How do you solve a complex challenge in your organization, with your clients, in your community?


How do you create a radical idea that becomes a new business opportunity, product, or service based on the needs of your target audience, thus generating value and delivering impact?


In partnership with HSM, a leader in Executive Education in Management in Brazil, IntoActions offered the first-ever Design Thinking Innovation Lab in Brazil.

Foresight Thinking™

Foresight Thinking™ is a proven approach that supports long-range planning and innovation strategy where innovation is not an afterthought. IntoActions works with boards and executive-level groups of companies and organizations to help them reflect on how to best integrate innovation into their strategic plans.

Program formats offered include:

One-day program: Participants gain a broad exposure to the foresight process, learn how to apply a subset of foresight methods, and develop a prototype that can guide immediate action.

Two and three-day programs: These accelerated programs provide a more interactive session in order to hone skills in strategic foresight and innovation. Participants learn the key elements of foresight, apply multiple foresight tools, and develop several roadmaps that chart long-, mid-, and short-term strategies for innovation and growth.

Some of the questions that will be addressed include:

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How can you understand and use past patterns as you explore new long-term opportunities in a rapidly changing world?

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Who will be your future customers, on a grand scale as well as on a personal scale? What stories will they tell?

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What are the core competencies your teams need in order to take on the wicked problems of the future?

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How do you nurture attitudes, values and behaviors that become the Innovation DNA of your organization?

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How have others successfully effected change in your organization? How did they win over the skeptics?

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How do you turn your innovative ideas into a unified vision? How do you communicate and implement your vision?

IntoActions can offer its Foresight Thinking programs as stand-alone programs, or in conjunction with the Design Thinking Innovation Lab. We can also offer these programs for your organization directly in the heart of Silicon Valley, through our San Francisco Innovation Studio.

Please contact us to learn more.


How do you build an organization that supports the ongoing development of radical ideas in the long-term?


IntoActions presented to the Strategic Planning Committee of the Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional e Urbano (CDHU) on the role of innovation in strategic planning.

“The University of São Paulo (USP) approached Reinhold Steinbeck, Managing Director of IntoActions, to help it build a new multi- and interdisciplinary innovation program. This ‘Laboratório de Design, Inovação e Criatividade,’ also known as d-USPLeste, engages students, professors, and members from low-income communities in developing local innovation capacity and solutions.

Reinhold is a visionary leader and expert in human-centered design. He was instrumental in infusing design thinking as an innovation pedagogy across the university, including the Business School, the School of Education, and the School of Engineering. d-USPLeste became the foundation for the creation of the Research Center on New Pedagogical Architectures and was the pedagogical model for the Virtual University of São Paulo.”

Ulisses Araujo, Ph.D.
Vice Provost of Institutional Affairs
University of Sao Paulo | USP (Brazil)

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