Stanford University’s innovation culture is in our DNA ... It all started in a garage in Silicon Valley ... We help you turn insights into ideas, and ideas into actions! Our services place people at the center ... We make innovation happen! We build global bridges for innovation ... IntoActions featured in hsm management magazine ...
IntoActions is a global innovation and learning design firm. Our passion is to help organizations build strategic innovation capacity through human-centered design.


What we offer

Our Innovation Labs are unique custom-designed learning experiences that will help organizations create radically new ideas and build long-range innovation capacity. They bring together best practices in training and consulting and combine them into a completely new and integrated approach.

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How we do it

All of our services utilize activities that are human-centric, hands-on, highly collaborative, and project-based. They are grounded in the Design Thinking and Foresight Thinking™ methodologies developed by Stanford University and used by companies in Silicon Valley and around the world.

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What sets us apart

Through our Innovation Labs we focus on people’s mindsets! Tools and techniques are crucial. But we have learned that in order to strengthen the innovation capacity across teams and organizations and have a lasting impact, one must start with the set of attitudes that support those objectives.

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“I worked with Reinhold as part of Santa Clara University’s course redesign initiative, helping our faculty shift from teaching in a classroom to teaching anywhere. The mentoring experience with Reinhold was extraordinary.

Reinhold’s rich expertise in problem-solving and people-centered creative solutions and learning experience design rescued me. If some of my students become interested in careers in international development assistance and contribute to alleviating poverty and hunger, it will mainly be thanks to Reinhold.”


Joanne Hale, Adjunct Faculty
Center for Food Innovation and EntrepreneurshipLeavey School of Business
Santa Clara University (USA)


“IntoActions led over 80 participants (Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans, Professors, Administrators, Students) through a 4-week participatory human-centered strategic design workshop at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU). The goals of the workshop were to introduce a strategic innovation model, identify key areas that UCU wanted to improve or develop, and create prototype solutions.

The experience was extraordinary in many ways—for its novel approach that energized the organization internally; for the inclusion of all key stakeholders, including 20 students, throughout the entire process; for its hands-on and practical approach; and for its results. Three out of the four selected prototype projects have already been implemented and are working well. The workshop was very successful and good for UCU’s heart and soul, and already left a lasting rhythm of innovation.”

P. Dr. Julio Fernández Techera, S.I.
Rector, Universidad Católica del Uruguay


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