PBL2016 International Conference

Innovation for Teaching and Learning

Project Description

Innovation for Teaching and Learning was the theme of the PBL2016 International Conference, held at the State Technology Educational Center Paula Souza in São Paulo. The conference challenged participants to reflect on ways in which Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies can improve higher and basic education, produce innovative and interdisciplinary knowledge, and foster the connection of people from different academic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

Invited Panel: “Disruptive Forces and New Trends in Higher Education”

  • Reinhold Steinbeck (IntoActions & Stanford University – Organizer)
  • Alex Aberg Cobo (Minerva Schools)
  • Francisco Milagres (Mirach & Singularity University)
  • Dr. Helen Chen (Stanford University)
  • Prof. Carlos Longo (Universidade Positivo)
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