University of São Paulo, Santos

Concept Mapping & Design Thinking

Project Description

Concept mapping is a popular method used in design for depicting the relationships between various concepts in any given subject. It was developed by educator and researcher Joseph Novak as a technique for organizing concepts in a way that illustrates a thorough understanding of a topic, problem or situation. Benefits include facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration, communicating complex ideas visually and building a shared understanding.

The main theme of the 6th International Concept Mapping Conference 2014 was “Concept Mapping to Learn and Innovate”. On the whole, the discussions addressed various aspects of knowledge management, considering the concept mapping technique as the preferred choice to represent knowledge and organize it visually.

Invited Keynote (Reinhold Steinbeck): “Using Concept Maps to Build Innovation Confidence and Competence Across the Education Enterprise and Beyond”

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