Reinhold Steinbeck and Edgard Stuber present at inovaDay in São Paulo

As mentioned in the previous post, there is a strong movement towards understanding how design thinking can help the public sector to offer truly innovative services by meeting the needs of its citizens.

inovaday intoactions RAs ECSReinhold Steinbeck and Edgard Stuber from IntoActions were invited to present their work around human-centered-design in two lectures at inovaDay on September 27, hospital 2013.

InovaDay is organized by iGovSP, an innovation initiative of the Government of São Paulo, housed at the Ministry of Planning and Regional Development. This monthly meeting brings together thought leaders in the areas of innovation and knowledge management with the goal of seeking and sharing solutions for an innovative government.

In his presentation, Reinhold spoke about the role of Stanford University as a catalyst in the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

Edgard shared some of the key principles of design thinking that are necessary for solving ill-defined and complex problems that occur in social contexts.

After the presentations, the two speakers participated in an open panel discussion, answering questions from the audience as well as from people who attended the event remotely via the Internet.

The theme of innovation has already been discussed in this forum for several months and is definitely a priority for the Ministry of Planning and Regional Development of the State of São Paulo.