IntoActions works with Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association to stay innovative

The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Sector is the fifth largest textile and the fourth clothing industry in the world, the second largest denim producer, and the third in knitwear production. The globalization of the industry continues to put tremendous pressure on the national industry to reduce the costs for raw material as well as manufacturing.

IntoActions collaborated with ABIT (Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association) and the Fundação Vanzolini to assist its members to make Brazil’s textile and apparel industry a reference in technology and innovation on the worldwide stage.

There is much talk about innovation these days. Every organization needs and wants to be more innovative in light of increased competition. One of the most effective approaches to help organizations become more innovative is through training workshops that apply a more experiential method, and by doing so, integrate creative confidence and competence into the DNA of the organization.

That was exactly what IntoActions was tasked to do when they were approached by ABIT to run a Design Thinking Innovation Lab. Through hands-on and collaborative activities, participants learned how companies can add value to their products by better understanding the needs of their customers.