IntoActions is a global innovation company. Our passion is to help organizations build strategic innovation capacity through human-centered design.


What we offer

Our Innovation Labs are unique custom-designed learning experiences that will help organizations create radically new ideas and build long-range innovation capacity. They bring together best practices in training and consulting and combine them into a completely new and integrated approach.

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How we do it

All of our services utilize activities that are human-centric, hands-on, highly collaborative and project-based. They are grounded in the Design Thinking and Foresight Thinking™ methodologies developed by Stanford University and used by companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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What sets us apart

Through our Innovation Labs we focus on people’s mindsets! Tools and techniques are crucial. But we have learned that in order to strengthen the innovation capacity across teams and organizations and have a lasting impact, one must start with the set of attitudes that support those objectives.

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Photo Credit: Stanford University | King of Hearts | CC-BY-SA-3.0

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